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About us

We are Vicious Circle a fight and training apparel brand and more.

Each one of our exclusive collection garments is a reflection of us and is constructed from premium materials and designed by skilled professionals who understand the rigors of modern combat training and competition, built to look good and last.

Every one of us at Vicious Circle stand behind every stitch we make to build long-term relationships with our customers and co brand partners. We base these relationships on integrity and commitment to consistently maintain our high standards with a dedication to excellence in offering boutique collections made from premium components and fabrics.

Our innovative spirit, state-of-the-art equipment and talented employees allow us to stay true to our most significant objective – to continually exceed expectations.

We are pioneers of boutique fight and training wear in Asia and our collections and co brand partnerships have appeared around the world in fight networks direct from our specialised production in Bangkok, Thailand. From here we support local, social and environmental initiatives in creating quality, usefulness and value based on sustainable resources and as an investor in people.

Our boutique/couture brand is unique in every way from mainstream brands and this is reflected in what we bring to you, uniquely different apparel.

We can provide a superior product in very limited numbers often as low as one hundred pieces per design which brings attention to detail in design, patterns, print and finishing to give you exclusive, desirable fight and training wear consistently.


Don’t imitate others, be unique, be different, be VC.

Bangkok Born, Worldwide Worn  V